Preparing for your Ceremony:

  • Please arrive to the ceremony location at the scheduled time and if you are unable to attend, please provide 48 hours notice.
  • Your health questionnaire must be completed in full and all medical or psychological issues and medications disclosed. Please inform me if you could be pregnant or are trying to become pregnant.
  • No alcohol, drugs, or pork for 48 hours before and after the ceremony
  • You must fast for 8-12 hours prior to ceremony – this is mandatory!
  • You must not drink any liquids for three hours prior to ceremony – also mandatory!
  • You cannot fast except for the 8 hours prior to ceremony in the 7 days prior to ceremony
  • You cannot have any water based detox treatments (colonics, enemas, or liver treatments) for 3 days prior to ceremony
  • Bring a change of clothes and a blanket, and an electrolyte replacement drink if desired
  • Wear comfortable clothing in layers – for first applications, women will have treatment applied to lower leg and men on upper arm so ensure that clothes provide access to these areas.
  • If you have asthma, bring your inhaler
  • If you have diabetes, bring insulin, tests, and extra food.
  • People not participating in the Kambo ceremony cannot be present, so please provide the estimated time to be picked up if necessary.

Ceremony Costs:

Individual: $150

2 people: $125 each

4 or more people: $100 each

An individual ceremony usually lasts between 1-2 hours, 2 people 2-3 hours, and 4 or more people 4 hours.

Ceremony Location:

Ceremonies are offered in Chandler, AZ or I am willing to negotiate travel

within Arizona and Sonora, Mexico for a nominal fee.