What is Kambo?

Kambo is the secretion from the Giant Green Monkey Frog, Phyllomedusa Bicolor, which lives in the Amazon rainforest regions of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Bolivia. Kambo is used as a powerful agent to detoxify the body, strengthen immune function, and reduce pain. By clearing and balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual systems, it supports clarity of mind, increases energy and strength, and helps release blocks and trauma to foster healthier patterns of thinking and behavior. It is legal and has no psychoactive or psychedelic effects. This secretion is not a poison, as it alone is not capable of causing death or illness. While traditional Amazonian tribes and healers consider a medicine, it is not a medicine or healing practice under standard Western definition and those who administer it are not doctors or medical providers.

About Your Practitioner

Chanda has been working in the helping field for over 12 years as a counselor and psychotherapist and spiritual advisor. In 2018, Chanda began working with plant medicines to address physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages resulting from unresolved trauma and exposure to chronic stress.

Integrated and holistic counseling and psychotherapy focuses on inclusive well-being, providing the foundation for satisfaction and fulfillment in all dimensions of the human experience. When the mind and body work in instinctual cooperation, the inherent program is accessed for healing and restoration and the mind/body is able to maintain its natural state of wellness, health, and harmony.

Health and wellness involve identifying and resolving barriers to the body/mind homeostasis of wellness and then creating a lifestyle plan to modify and maintain healthful physical, mental, and emotional habits. A true wellness programs supports all aspects of one’s life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and relational, environmental, financial, and occupational. Creating new habits that support consistent, conscious choice-making provides a foundation for recovery, growth, goal achievement, and self-realization.

Other modalities Chanda uses include breathwork, tapping, energy work, and consultation in addition to Kambo to achieve desired results.